Diabetes Myths – Busted

Diabetes myths sure have been in the news lately. A heated debate, which took place primarily via social media, peaked last week and is still being discussed among our diabetes community and beyond. And for good reason. It’s clear that we have a lot of educating yet to do about diabetes. Diabetes, in its many […]

Justin (left), Olivier (middle) and Dylan Altman (right)

Meet Justin and Olivier

Scattered around the conference table at JDRF’s monthly Young Leadership Committee (YLC) meeting is a motley crew of NYC professionals affected by type 1 diabetes (T1D.) Some of those in the room have siblings or parents with T1D, while others attend to support their spouses or significant others. However, most of the members sport insulin […]

NYC Community Update: Meet Chris

NYC Community Update: Meet Chris

Chris Schultz was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in 1969 during a time when people with T1D were not expected to live beyond their late 30s. Having witnessed other members of his family suffer serious diabetic complications, Chris vowed at a young age to do everything in his power to stay healthy and live […]

Thanks to Matt Ising (left) 8-year-old Will Bunzel (right) was able to enjoy summer camp without worrying about his T1D.

NYC Community Update: Meet Matt and Will

Halfway to New Hampshire, a bus full of eager boys itching to start their summer at sports camp slowed to a halt beside the road. The young man who’d requested the unplanned pit stop was Matt Ising, a nursing student from Penn State hired specially by the camp to watch over eight-year-old Will Bunzel; a […]

Volunteer spotlight: Brian McIntosh

Brian McIntosh is the kind of good-natured person who is often heard saying, “What needs to be done? Just tell me.” Driven by the JDRF mission to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D), he is always the first one to step in when help is needed. He motivates others by demonstrating the value of service to his community.

Diabetes Scholarship Deadline

The Diabetes Scholars Foundation Scholarship Program is available to incoming freshmen seeking a higher education at an accredited four year university, college, technical or trade school.  This scholarship recognizes students who are actively involved in the diabetes community, who have high academic performance, who participate in community and/or extra-curricular activities and who have demonstrated that […]

Take the T1D for a Day Text Challenge!

Step into the shoes of someone living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for one day in an eye-opening text campaign made possible through the generous support of Lilly Diabetes. In just a single day, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges people with T1D face. Sign up today, or any day in November, and […]

What T1D Teaches

Upon diagnosis with type 1 diabetes (T1D), the disease immediately teaches you that your pancreas isn’t just this corn on the cob–shaped organ sitting behind your stomach. The insulin produced by this organ is crucial to metabolizing food, feeding your cells, and keeping you alive. When you’re diagnosed, you learn how to test your blood […]

Kids Online

If you are 4-18 years of age and you are a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic or looking for a simpler way to understand diabetes, JDRF Kids Online is for you.  Click for more information.