Ben’s Friends Buddy Program

A Buddy Program for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes
Fax: 212-724-1171
Ben’s Friends is a no-cost community based program connecting children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with children already living with type 1, serving as positive role models to offer companionship, support and advice. The newly diagnosed child (Little Buddy) will be matched with a confident, healthy, well-adjusted child who doesn’t let diabetes stand in the way of a happy childhood! In turn, the program hopes to inspire in the experienced child (Big Buddy) a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping a newly diagnosed child.
If you have a child who manages diabetes well, has a positive attitude and you think may make a great Big Buddy, you may request a program application by emailing Be sure to put “Big Buddy Application” in the subject line. You may also fax your request to 212-724-1171. Upon completion of application, parents must agree to the program’s terms and conditions set forth for participation in Ben’s Friends.
Suggested Guidelines for Big Buddies:
  • Big Buddies (or their parents, depending on child’s age) must make initial contact with the Little Buddy. For a more personal touch, initial contact should be by telephone rather than email.
  • Ben’s Friends recommends buddies get together about once a month or every other month, though that is at the discretion of the families involved.

Suggested Outings & Activities:

  • Walks or picnics in a neighborhood park
  • Afternoon at a museum, zoo or playground
  • Lunch or dinner together at a restaurant
  • Play a sport together or go bowling
  • Meet at an art studio to make pottery
  • Attend a children’s concert
  • Read with one another
  • Organize an art/game day or an informal play date
  • Visit a supermarket to share ideas about favorite healthy foods
  • Bike riding
  • Shop for books or music

Thank you for your interest in Ben’s Friends – striving to make a difference in the lives of all children living with type 1 diabetes.

Lisa Kava, Program Coordinator