Corporate Teams


Corporate Walk Teams

Forming a Corporate Walk Team in the One Walk is your opportunity to build cooperation, team spirit, excitement and inspiration among your employees.

Your involvement will demonstrate to everyone watching that, as a business leader,
you give back to the community.

Forming a Corporate Walk Team Recruit Team Captains and Walkers
Most companies that form Corporate WalkTeamstry to recruit 20-50% of their employee base. JDRF suggests that companies extend the invitation to employee’s family members and friends as well. A great way to ensure company-wide support and participation is to recruit one team captain per 10 walkers. Recruiting multiple team captains will help you in your efforts.

Build Excitement and Awareness
Many companies create and have success with competitions. Have a team captain represented from each branch department or floor and offer an incentive to the team that raises the most money. This way, your campaign is not limited to one department and your chances for company-wide involvement and awareness is increased. Ask your CEO or other top level executive to send out a letter or memo telling employees or department managers about the Walk and encourage them to join the company team.

Host an internal Walk Kick-Off
Ask your company to host an internal kick-off.  Contact the Walk Department at (212) 689-2860 to schedule a team-building kick-off event at your company that is similar to today’s event and is a great way to communicate information and motivate potential walkers.

Contact JDRF to Begin your Corporate Team Today!

JDRF Staff will be there every step of the way to help you structure your team and provide fundraising advice to ensure success. For further information about forming a Corporate Walk Team or Sponsoring the Walk to Cure Diabetes, please contact the Walk Department at (212) 689-2860.


Leading a Corporate Walk Team

JDRF has all of the materials to help your Corporate Team make the most of your One Walk experience, and we are here to help your team every step of the way.

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